The Polar Bears Go Wild!

If you’re aged 5 or under,

Then here’s the show for you,

Get here on your skis

Or paddle your canoe…

Brave explorers wanted to join two friendly (but slightly naughty) Polar Bears on the adventure of a lifetime. Where are they going? What will they get up to next? And have they got enough sandwiches (Polar Bears love sandwiches, everyone knows that)?

The Polar Bears Go Wild was our first full-length, sit-down show for young children and was presented as a co-production with Macrobert Arts Centre as their early years Christmas show in 2013. It subsequently toured in Scotland and the UK, and also in a specially-devised nursery format supported by Awards for All.


“It’s an almost meditative experience, watching these two beaming polar bears on their sedate but playful adventure…Eventually it feels as if the whole audience is reacting spontaneously and in sync” The Guardian

“A truly entertaining delight… they are in serious danger of replacing Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas as the nation’s favourite bears.” Alan Chadwick, STV

“With a tremendous understanding of comic timing, the duo charm us into going on a journey where rhythms and sonorities, percussion and sound effects are as much a part of the landscape as the deceptively simple set…“This lovable show scales entertaining heights for tinies” The Herald

“The daft humour is infectious” The List


Created and performed by: Ivor MacAskill and Fiona Manson

Designer: Claire Halleran

Sound & Music Composer: Greg Sinclair

Lighting: Grant Anderson

Outside Eye: Lou Brodie

Producer: Sarah Gray

Photo Credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan and Julia Bauer